BlueWhale Cost Management System

BlueWhale IP-Billing is a Cost Management System, which was designed for Unified Communication and Distributed IP Telephony System, multiple IP PBX environments, massive call volume enterprise.




High Capability: Capable for receiving massive volume of calls at burst, analyzing, storing and querying all the calls, support PBX with more than 10,000 extensions, support hundreds connections simultaneously, and capable for billions of calls monthly.
High Accuracy:
Accurate accounting, including 1 second billing cycle, exact starting time, dependable storage, and cost saving reports.

High Reliability: Processing 50,000 call records per second, memory analyzing technology make it possible for BlueWhale IP-Billing to be quite reliable at peak hours. Via high reliable session protocol, most call records missing and duplicating could be avoid. Dual hot-backup, load balance and Linux/Unix compatibility make it more reliable.
Integrated with IPT:
A customizable “IPT covered cities” table, let BlueWhale IP-Billing “knows” the topology of IPT system, by the Media GW and Routing Table, the internal powerful logical engine can handle very complex situation like tandem calls.

Toll-free Billing:
Toll-free billing is deeply supported, not only how many calls and talk time could be retrieved, BlueWhale supplies the exact cost of every call incoming. Also, the cost savings after IPT deployment could be provide via certain reports. Different cities use different rates.

Regular Expression:
Flexible number matching templates supports number ranges, accurate enumeration, wildcards and the powerful regular expression.

Tailored Plug-in:
Tailored plug-in for querying and reporting is available according to enterprise requirements.

Authorization Code:
Call records could be searched by authorization code, which simplifies project management and cost accounting.

Designed for IPT. As IPT becomes more and more popular, enterprises are finding their needs for a most powerful Cost Management System rises. BlueWhale IP-Billing is designed for IP infrastructure completely, makes it suitable for
Unified Communication and Distributed IPT System. No proprietary connections such as serial port is required, and could be deployed in the LAN or WAN easily.

Unlike the legacy billing system, BlueWhale IP-Billing takes the role of the
SERVER side and regards the IP PBX as the client. This decreases the load of PBX, so guarantees the stability of PBX. Makes it possible for multiple IP PBXs connect to BlueWhale server, and network billing would be accomplished.

Enterprises which have many distributed branches always sensed that their long distance call cost reduced after the IPT deployment, but they just could not figure out the exact percentage. This could be done quite easily via BlueWhale IP-Billing’s
ROI analysis. You can find out the saving of each single call, comparing with the original cost before the IPT deployment.

MS SQL Server
is the default database with BlueWhale IP-Billing, and IT staff only has a familiar interface for normal database operations, without worry of storage efficiency, archive, records limitation and stability. There is no interruption of the connection when backup.

Actually, BlueWhale IP-Billing comes from customers other than a lab. All the specialty features come from the business requirements of customers. NETRONG is trying to be more customer oriented, and always ready to tailor the right application for you

Most BlueWhale customers are 500 fortune customer, and we're proud that we can always provide a leading solution which satisfies our end users.