HP Takes Aim At Cisco SmartNet Services With New Lifetime Warranty 2.0 Program

HP Networking is taking aim at Cisco's SmartNet services with a new program called Lifetime Warranty 2.0, which offers customers free 24-by-7 technical support for three years on any HP FlexCampus, FlexBranch or small business product.

Lifetime Warranty 2.0, announced Thursday, eliminates the fee Hewlett-Packard customers previously paid for around-the-clock support on HP networking products -- a fee that could be up to 10 percent of the product list price -- and allows them instead to tap into this phone service for free for the first three years they own a product.

In addition to the 24/7 phone support, the Lifetime Warranty 2.0 program also includes next-business-day hardware replacements, along with free software downloads for the life of the product, Mayer said.

While the program waives technical support fees the first three years a customer owns a product, customers will have to resume paying for the service once those three years are up.

Eligible products for the Lifetime Warranty 2.0 program reside largely within HP's FlexCampus or FlexBranch lines, including core and access switches, WLAN access points, WLAN controllers and routers.

Aug 5,2013