Telecom Engineering Service

NETRONG also focus its business in the telecommunications industry by providing engineering services, consulting services, providing solutions and specialists for the telecommunications industry.


Our experience covers operation and maintenance, optimization and indoor solutions, from project management to consulting, from circuit switching network to packet switching network, and international gateway business in the telecommunication arena.

As always, NETRONG is actively supplying cellular expertise to many partners in China, South Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and other countries in Asia Pacific. NETRONG also works closely with China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom, and supply solutions and services directly.


Network Optimization

The company has a professional team of network optimization, optimization engineers employed more than five years, has extensive experience in network optimization. The company has rich experience in project management, optimize service delivery capability, and has a multi-vendor background, especially for Ericsson and NSN. Inception network optimization will be identified as the main business, core management team has a wealth of experience in the mobile communication network, thus optimizing the conduct of business of the company has its own clear ideas and methods, and can be optimized independently to cultivate a professional team. Network optimization focus on optimizing positioning system in the traffic statistics analysis, frequency optimization, switching relationships and parameter optimization, traffic balancing and improve equipment utilization, station search and seek hidden problems, network planning (including frequency planning), etc.


Network Maintenance

Network maintenance services are actually a a base station can include maintenance, performance indicators maintenance, communications support program design and implementation, network optimization, complaint handling, and many other contents of the service pack. Specifically including the contents of the service pack according to customer demand consultation. Provide network maintenance services include:

- Base station daily maintenance

- Base station health checking

- BSC regular inspection

- Network KPI

- Emergency support program

- Periodic testing and evaluation


Engineering Service

Engineering services on the GSM network, we covers the fo:

  • Base station expansion
  • Build new base station
  • Indoor coverage design
  • MSC expansion
  • MSC opening
  • Cellular network system planning
  • Cellular network frequency and parametric programming